Bray Ruby at One Month

Bray Ruby One Month - Leia Bryn

Bray at one month has been all about learning how best to sway the hips and shush the right rhythm and determine which cries are for what needs. The first nights together were met with sleepy dream feeds and even sleepier parents. It would be best to remember in the future the brevity of those evenings. Just a mere 30-days into life and Bray was on her way to waking just once in the middle of the night and mom and dad managed to settle into a semblance of a rhythm for those midnight feedings. 

She is our big girl. Shooting past her birth weight to 9Ibs, 2.5oz. at her two-week well baby appointment and stretching a whole inch taller to put her in the 98th percentile for her height. It came as no surprise as this girl loves to eat often and in large quantities. Between frequent feedings and naps on mom and dad's chest we spent a lot of time together watching episodes of Gilmore Girls and reading new books. 

By the end of the first month, Bray was giving us peeks of her first smiles and sweet disposition. She began focusing on objects, recognizing mom and dad, and tracking her surroundings. Her personality began to show as she fully embraced independent play time on her favorite blanket. We think we may have an introvert who loves quality time (just like her momma) on our hands. In almost laughable fashion, Bray prefers to lay next to mom and dad on the couch, cozied into her blanket, with her eyes covered. She can spend an entire hour or more babbling, kicking, and cooing underneath the quiet, darkness of her blanket (just don't move mom and dad because she still wants you near). Bray's a mover, loves to stretch, lay on her side, have her hands up by her face, and has been officially dubbed a "champion yawner." She's learned so much (and so have her parents) in one brief month, we look forward to what's in store for month two! 

This Bray. We are truly blessed to be her parents.