What I'm Reading in 2016

What I'm Reading in 2016 | Leia Bryn

I have always held a special spot for reading. I have my parents to credit for my love of faraway lands, travels back in time, and the occasional present day dramas. Growing up, my mother was (and still is) a reading teacher and books were a part of our family's everyday routine. The librarian knew us by name and we were often the family leaving the library with bags of books in tow. It has even been said that sending me to my room as a child was never truly a punishment as I often relished it as a moment to read in the quiet of my own space. 

And so, it has come as no surprise, that in the throes of motherhood, books continue to be a place of respite. As I get older, I find myself exploring new genres and topics, while never leaving behind my tried and true favorites like historical fiction and memoirs. In 2016, a few topics of interest rose to the top as I put together my reading list: spiritual development, marriage, motherhood/parenting, financial stewardship, and the occasional casual read. As a new mom, my hope, however ambitious (or unambitious to some) is to read at least one non-fiction book a month, while keeping a casual or fictional read going at the same time. I tend to enjoy non-fiction throughout the day as Bray naps or we rock together in her chair, but prefer to end my evenings with lighter fictional reads. Here's what I have planned in 2016:

Spiritual Development


MOtherhood / Parenting

Financial Stewardship

Casual REading


I love to learn of new authors and recommendations from fellow readers. What will you be reading in 2016?