Around Here / February Edition.

EATING our way through Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple and loving Danielle's simple and affordable recipes (and meal plans). We discovered Bray has a few food sensitivities (that we hope she'll outgrow), but for now, I'm learning how to cook from scratch with an infant around (an adventure to say the least). I'm taking all recommendations for favorite Dairy-Free recipes!

READING Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full. The former has been revealing so many areas of growth while the latter has operated as a part of my morning devotional time. 

LISTENING to this Winter Chill Spotify playlist and the occasional pump-up tunes for these non-stop cloudy February afternoons.

LOVING Amanda Watters new (and beautiful) blog Homesong. I've followed Amanda for a while now and love how she captures the everyday and encourages me to be intentional and purposeful in motherhood. If you love beautiful writing and imagery this is your place.

EXCITED to explore the new Whole Foods Market and Home Goods that just opened in Milwaukee. We're planning a lunch date to Whole Foods for the weekend (they have spectacular lunch options - that salad bar, yum)! 

CONSIDERING signing up for Thrive Market's Annual Membership. Have you tried it? Being a newly dairy-free home it appears to offer incredibly low prices on many products we already utilize for substitutions. 

ESTABLISHING Friday's as 'Duty Days' or simply put, a day to accomplish all those pesky around the house tasks I love to put off - washing sheets and linens, dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and cleaning out the fridge. It takes time and dedication, but it's been so refreshing to kick off our weekends with a clean home ready for rest and sabbath.

THINKING about planting a small vegetable garden this summer. My sister has the most glorious vegetable garden and a few years experience under her belt so I'm looking to her for advice on what to plant and when.