Bray Ruby at Three Months

Maybe it was all the travel in Bray's first two months of life or it was the food sensitivities we've been working through, but three-months was both developmentally exciting and mentally/emotionally exhausting. 

We finally spent one entire month at home for the first time as a family of three and we all benefitted from the routine and rhythm established. Bray slept through the night for the first time and has just started gracing mom and dad with 7-8 hour stretches of sleep. It's amazing how significantly this milestone affects the tone and attitudes of everyone in the house (we love our sleep!). 

Bray Ruby 3-Months | Leia Bryn

The sweetest part of the day are mornings with Bray. From the moment she wakes up, she babbles and coos in her crib, awaiting mom and dad to come in and scoop her up. As you pop your head into her line of sight she greets you with the most beautiful and eye-squinting smiles and grins. I think we all would enjoy mornings more if we woke with the joy and excitement Bray exudes for each new day. 

Bray discovered toys, books, and blankies this month. Her favorite toys have been her mini Sophie the Giraffe rubber rattle, her colorful connecting rings, and her play gym. She seems to enjoy reading more than any other activity during the day. We've recently had a routine of laying on the floor together and reading through her board books. It is so fun to watch her coo and laugh as we read together. Burp rags took on dual purpose and are now her cuddle companion throughout the day. You'll find her clutching her rag and nuzzling up next to it all day long.

Eating was touch and go this month and maybe the most difficult for mom. Bray is certainly still eating enough, she's grown so much, but we ran into some sensitivities that caused some very fussy days and an uncomfortable tummy. We narrowed the culprit down to milk proteins and mom and Bray are both dairy-free for the short term. It seems to have made all the difference, but we hope her little tummy will be able to handle dairy soon (we do live in Wisconsin...cheese is in everything!). For now, we're so grateful for a more comfortable tummy and a happier Bray. 

Looking at Bray today it is so hard to imagine (already) how little and sleepy she once was. Bray is so full of joy and life and brings so much joy and life into our home. She stretches me in beautiful and  immeasurable ways as her mother. She is stretching out and gaining strength, holding her head up, curious and inquisitive about her surroundings, and passing new milestones with each day. We love you sweet Bray.