Around Here / April Edition

Around Here / April Edition | Leia Bryn

MAKING a few of our favorite spring/summer meals. We've settled into a rhythm of enjoying seasonal fare - soups, stews, roasts, and the like during the cooler months and salads, grilling, and fresh fruits and vegetables during the warmer. Currently, we're enjoying Cowboy Caviar and Tortilla Chips, Brats, and endless salad combinations.

READING The Chronicles of Narnia Series (I'm on Book 3) with fresh eyes to the biblical undertones. What a beautiful series! I'm excited for the day Bray and I can read these aloud together. 

WATCHING Netflix documentaries in the evenings with Guy as we unwind together - they are so fascinating. We thoroughly enjoyed The Barkley Marathon and Human Planet and are just beginning Planet Earth.  

PLANNING to transition Bray from her Rock n' Play to her crib for naps. She sleeps overnights in her crib, but her naps will require a bit more coaching in the days to come. Any suggestions for making this transition? 

LOOKING forward to spending our first summer in Milwaukee. As missionaries, we have always spent our summers on-location for 6-week missions trips around the United States. Our assignment this summer allows us to remain at home and work remotely. We already purchased an annual Milwaukee Zoo Pass and are hoping to explore Lake Michigan, the various local summer festivals, and our farmer's market down the street. What are your favorite summer activities?

WEARING my new favorite jeans from JCrew Mercantile. I was in search of a pair of 'workhorse' denim. I wanted them to be high-waisted, have stretch without being baggy after one use, and remain affordable. I ordered a few pairs of Madewell Denim, but the cut didn't fit right and the price was higher than I could justify. But JCrew Mercantile recently opened in Milwaukee (JCrew Outlet) and I happened upon a "50%-Off Everything" sale in the store and snagged a pair of their Toothpick Ankle Jeans for under $40.00!