Around Here / no. 09

As of today, we're back into the rhythms of fall. School buses are shuttling by in the early mornings and late afternoons, the temperatures (although not today) are beginning to shift downwards, and our family is settling back into the rhythms of fall. We've put away the swim suits, the beach towels, and sunblock. In their place are pots of yellow mums filling porch steps and even a few pumpkins have made their debut. 

Much has happened this summer so it only feels fitting with the turn of the calendar to slow down and take stock (thanks for the reminder Practising Simplicity). Currently I'm...

Making: (and enjoying) simple overnight oats. I have been using this simple recipe.
Cooking: a family favorite, Broccoli Chicken & Rice Casserole.
Drinking: Black Coffee, Water, and the occasional afternoon La Croix. 
Reading: Kate Morton's, The House at Riverton and rereading Bringing Up Bebe' (a book that takes the "have-to's and how-to's" of the table)!
Looking: for the ultimate fall sweater. Preferably one that ties around the waist, is soft and just the right amount of warm. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Enjoying: leaving our windows ajar overnight during these cool fall evenings. Is there anything better?
Listening: to podcasts while Bray and I go on our morning walk around the neighborhood. Lately I've been enjoying Mom Struggling Well, NPR, and The Dave Ramsey Show.
Considering: reading Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Habits of Grace, and A Place of Quiet Rest. If you haven't picked up on it, rhythm is on my mind recently, particularly establishing healthy ones in this new season for myself and our family.
Noticing: how the light catches the dining room at just the right angle early in the morning. 
Admiring: this simple DIY vintage poster frame... I have a few posters that have been sitting rolled for months (years?). This inexpensive and beautiful frame may just be the solution.
Bookmarking: this piece on parenting from John Piper.
Feeling: more than ready for the heat to pass and the coolness of fall to arrive.
Slicing: the last peaches of the season. They're Bray's favorite and I'm not sure what we'll do when they no longer are in season. 
Revisiting: this piece about maintaining a weekly sabbath and discussing with Guy how we can incorporate this practice of rest into our fall schedule. 
Embracing: a simpler approach to make-up. I love how Michelle Peterson discusses her no make-up routine, "Going makeup free is almost like a reminder to be yourself each day." I couldn't agree more. 

And now, how about you? What are you currently..

Listening To...
And Embracing...