With Fall, A Return to Rhythm

Stop. Press reset. Begin.

Why can't September (or any other month for that matter) be a month as habit shifting as January tends to be in the new year? After welcoming Bray into our lives in late 2015, both my husband and I agree it's felt like we've existed within a constant state of change. Naturally some of this flux is in direct relationship to adding a third person to our family and said person is constantly changing, growing and developing. I would say we have adapted and embraced this sort of change in our lives. I dare say we have even come to love and be amazed by such drastic and swift changes (not easy for my Type A personality).

But the other state of change leaves less to be desired. The other state of change is the kind where you exist in a constant state of sluggish-ness. You emerge in our case, as new parents, (but there are many other scenarios) existing for months in a state of flux. Meal planning, cleaning, daily routines, they all seem to evaporate as you hold that precious baby in your arms. And for a season this works, but for the longterm, rhythm must return.

So here is where we stand today - September feels particularly welcoming for establishing new (and healthier) rhythms. I may share some of them in the weeks to come, but for now, here are a few particularly thoughtful pieces for your own reading on Rhythm. 



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